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Welcome to Asperger's Syndrome List Subscriber Support
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Sunday, 02 October 2005

This small site exists to support subscribers of the Asperger (AS) List on ICORS

We do not maintain lists of local support groups

If you are not yet a subscriber, or were unsubscribed due to problems with your internet provider, click here

AOL subscribers please click here

 At present five services are offered:

  • The listserv "FAQ," or Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQ is a help file for users of the listserv composed in question-and-answer format.
  • The listserv posting guidelines. This document sets forth simple guidelines for composing good posts to AS and for avoiding accidental abuse.
  • A dictionary of the multitudinous acronyms, abbreviations, and general alphabet soup commonly occurring on the AS list.
  • A small reference, written for an AS audience, explaining some common idioms and slang terms which have caused some difficulties in the AS community.
  • An automated help agent, AutoHelp, that can automate tasks such as unsubscribing, setting yourself to NOMAIL, MAIL, DIGEST, INDEX, changing the email address that you are subscribed under, among other things.

    Please feel free to offer any suggestions or requests regarding these items. The maintainer of this support site can be reached at here .

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